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This is the original creek with the tunnel rockface rebuilt. The new portal is based on an Ohio River and Western prototype. The fence was eliminated.
If this were the initial creek I would make a base of caulk for the rapids and use the Woodland Scenics Realistic Water again.

Rocks are added to more typify a real rushing stream. The original stream was part of the first scenery I had ever done. The rocks are glued in with GE Silicon II caulk. The caulk was initially used to represent water when the rocks were glued in place. Now I would glue the rocks in place and add water movement after.
The caulk rapids should follow a logical pattern determined by the rocks. I add the circled rocks later to make my water flow look more realistic.
Rough in the first layer of caulk. I used a screw driver to apply the caulk. The caulk should be applied rough. Pull the caulk over rocks that would logically be in the path of the rushing water.
Waves can be made by touching the caulk and pulling it up.

I could not find small rocks to match my scenery color. I just painted the grey ones with my base color latex paint. They were highlighted with burnt and raw sienna.
Paint the rocks that are near the water with gloss medium.

I painted the caulk with a mixture of matte medium and grey craft paint. The caulk won't take paint alone but the matte medium bonds it to the caulk.
This will give the rapids an underlying grey color. Highlight tips of the rapids with white paint after the grey has dried.

Use an artist spatula to apply a second smoother layer of caulk. It will be translucent and the grey will show through.
The caulk is used to form the water path onto the Realistic Water.
Add froth using tile grout coloring powder and matte medium. Click here to go to a "what I did" to make frothy foaming water.
I over "frothed" the creek. The "froth" can be removed using Windex window cleaner and a cotton swab. I cleaned off some of the "froth". The Windex will also remove the caulk for the Realistic Water.
The creek was given a coat of Future acrylic floor finish to add a glisten and rejuvenate the Realistic Water.
The dowels in the cribwork were given a bark texture.

Click here to make bark texture
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