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My faux fur grass system uses tufts of the faux fur glued to the fabric edge to hide the edge. Then clumps of tufts are glued out from the main piece of fabric. This gives the impression that the grass isn't one big piece of fake fur. Grasses tend to grow in clumps as the field expands.

The irregular surface of the scenery makes it difficult to effectively glue the clumps. I make ferns by placing hackle feathers into puddles of glue. Doing the same with the faux fur grass makes for effective grass clumps. It is easier than doing them at the layout because you can sit at a table and make clumps.

The first picture is at the end of a larger piece of pelted mink faux fur with the end tufted out and clumps added.

The second picture is green clumps that haven't been glued or trimmed.

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I grow the clumps on kitchen plastic wrap. Embroidery scissors are very good for cutting the faux fur, just make sure you use sharp scissors. I am using matte medium for glue. The future will probably be trials of other glues. I use a brush to apply the glue to the plastic wrap.
Daub a first layer of matte medium on the plastic wrap. Place the daubs about a half inch apart. Then a second daub of medium is placed on the first. The second daub should be fairly thick.
Grab the faux fur strands and slightly twirl them.
Cut off the twirled clumb, the curved blade of the embroidery scissors makes it easier.
Roll the clump slightly between you fingers to bunch the fabric fiber.
Gently press the fibers into the matte medium. Rock them slightly to get the fibers seated.
Click here to learn all about making faux fur grass
A finished clump
Glue the clumps in place by applying glue to the base formed by the matte medium.
Gather the scrap faux fur particles into a ball and cut off the bottom of the ball to make a base. Place this in a daub of glue.
A scrap faux fur clump
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