This pictorial shows my attempts at making water in my creek bed. I should have tried polyester resin, I will try resin in a pond on the other side, but I wanted to try making painted plaster as water. My dream railroad will have extensive piering and ocean water. These are the results of various articles in several publications and the results are sometimes strange. This is the main reason for construction of the 4x8 layout is to try varying techniques.
The gloss medium before it dried looked like turbulent water. I then mixed in acrylic white and tried that. I think I mixed too much white paint because it dried white. I then "stained" it with thinned based color. Interesting effect, I am sure it is useful in some application.
Reading the books and articles on water, they suggest that you paint the water area black or some other dark color and use a high gloss varnish to reflect the blue in the background and the ceiling. I thought that since everything was brown in the scene the water area should be brown. This look is great for the tide being out.
This was my attempt to solve the mudflat look. I used thin scenery base paint and sort of  "stained it". Believe me it looks better in the picture. I am sure that it would make a good backwater effect.
Here I tried the blue or black look. This is how  it looked after painting the Durham Water Putty. I guess this could look like water in a smaller scale or a bigger pond.
This picture shows the blue plaster being painted with gloss medium. Seeing this I thought that if you could do this as a permanent look it would make a perfect turbulent water. When it dried it achieved the blue mud flat look.
Not finding a good water method I then poured paver sand in the stream bed and fixed it with diluted white glue.
Click here for rushing water
 This the final    creek bed with water,click here to find out how I put water in the creek.
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