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The cribwork on the Wagon Creed Road was originally made using 3/16 diameter dowels. They were not textured and they look like dowels.

Back in the 1950's some one suggested simulating bark using household scouring powder. That was tried and didn't offer enough texture. Fine sand was tried and it was too coarse.

In simulating foamy water I had used tile grout coloring powder. It was a very fine grained silica sand. The foam looked like it would make good bark.

White Spectra Lock Mini-Unit Part C Color Powder for tile grouting is mixed with Matte Medium, I use Modge-Podge Matt-Mat.
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Dab the mixture on the dowels. I am trying to simulate old, ready to rot cribwork logs. The bark is at the point where it is deteriorating.
After the first coat dries reapply the mixture in areas that don't have enough bark.
Paint the bark areas with a coat of burnt sienna paint. When that has dried dry brush on a dark gray.

I mixed the gray paint with the grout powder and matte medium to see if that would produce desirable results. It produces a good distant bark effect.

The yellow fungus areas were developed by building an area with the paint, grout and matte medium. I intended for them to be little branch areas but the looked more like fungus. I painted them yellow ochre.

This was a combination area. Some of it is grout/matte-medium and some is paint/grout/matte-medium.
The logs in the middle facing the camera are paint/grout/matte-medium. This combination is easier to apply on the distant logs. It still gives a good texture.
How does it scale? 1/43 scale Engineer Bill and HO scale Mini-Bill
At our under construction S scale oil tansfer site, an attempt to represent western pine. Regular grey sanded tile grout was mixed with grey acrylic pant and daubed on. Burnt sienna was used to highlight.
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