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Small trestle building
Ceiling tile Rockfaces
Simple paver sand ground cover
Why there was no water in the creek?
The old On30 Pacific Coast Air Line was based on the On30 railroad trackplan in the  "2002 Model Railroad Planning" by Kalmbach Publishing. The major feature of the On30 track plan was the adaptation of the loads in/out. The spur was set up as a rock quarry to a rock crusher like the  rock crusher in the November/December 1957 Model Railroader. The layout was torn down in 2008.
Click here for Atlas Snaptrack Planning and Bench Construction including a discussion of the use of Computer Aided Design in Trackplanning. Includes the layout trackplan.
Backdrop adventures
Fix that bad track
Improve the electrical flow in Atlas switches
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Rock Faces

Why the Stream was Dry? Click here for methods of Making water that don't work
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Layout Construction
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Click here to replace HO Atlas Code 100 track with handlaid track using templates
The handlaid track has been replaced with HO track. Click here to find out the why.
The layout is a Narrow Gauge Railroad based on the Turn of the Century California Narrow Gauge Empires like the Pacific Coast Railway, South Pacific Coast, North Pacific Coast, Paul Scoles's Pelican Bay Rwy. and Navigation Co. and Boone Morrison's North Coast Narrow Gauge Line. Hauling stone, sugar beets and the newly discovered black gold of the early California oil boom. An "Air Line" to relieve Central California of suffocation by the Southern Pacific Railroad.
Representing the New Age of On30, 1/4"/ft narrow gauge for Everyone
I was inpired by the excellent Kenneth E. Westcott & Curtiss  H. Johnson's book
The Pacific Coast Railway - Central California's Premier Narrow Gauge
By  Benchmark Publications, Ltd
Operating the Loads Out - Empties In Spur
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The New On30 Layout
We have resurrected the old On30 layout. It has been expanded to 5x8. Am impressed by how much six inches improves the space. We are going to use Peco track. The benchwork is one piece this time, no sagging. Just added five foot cross members to the old side pieces. Using foam to create the creek below level.
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The Old On30 Layout